Things I Have Learned

These are the core ideas of what I have learned in my first totally full semester of studying social work, and how that relates to my degree studying theology.

1. This country founded on the very principles of a privileged few and we can do so much better. It is fraught with inequality and our policies consistently represent selfishness and individualism. This is the opposite of everything I understand to be of a Christian ethic.

2. There a lot of people who want to change things and are willing to put in the hard work to do it. Some of those are definitely white, privileged, and Christian.

3. I’m still not totally sure how the church fits in this, but I’m working through that. I think the term “building relationships” as a solution is mostly an excuse to not deal with serious institutionally systemic issues and to remain comfortable in our own little worlds of privilege.

4. If the Church isn’t an acceptable place to call people out and challenge them to be the purveyors of social justice, than I’m not sure that I belong there.

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