What it’s like to have Covid 19: Day 4

Welcome to living with Covid-19 Recap:
-Discernible symptoms began Sunday August 2nd with a sudden unexplainable loss of taste and smell.
-My husband and I both tested positive and received our results Tuesday August 4th.
-My 6-year-old still has not exhibited symptoms. He was not tested, and is presumed positive.

My family who we had close contact with was tested today. I am very anxious, particularly for my parents, about their well-being. They are relatively young, in their early 60s, but this could affect them very differently, and I worry and harbor guilt that we are responsible for their exposure. My hair stylist also went and got a test yesterday I believe. I worry about all of them. I AM grateful that we have luckily not had contact with my husband’s parents, particularly his father who would be very vulnerable to this.

Today has been a little up and down symptom wise. I find that generally symptoms are NOT consistent, and but that overall my energy stores deplete very very quickly. I started out okay, and as you’ll observe below it went downhill by the afternoon. I’ve been doing too much internet reading, and tried to work a little and I got about 10 minutes in and couldn’t even focus, so in the afternoon my depression skyrocketed a bit and I didn’t make any videos for about 6 hours. I have some energy now so am trying to get as much of this in as possible.

My first update of the day I was feeling well enough to spend time in the Living Room and hang out with my kid. He still has the usual energy for four children he exhibits.

Noontime update with some explanations of symptoms I have overall been feeling while my brain is pretty clear. Enjoy my son’s excellent dinosaur transformer sound effects in the background. Once again I compare some symptoms and how I’m mitigating them to pregnancy, which was one of the times in my life I was feeling the most sick which makes sense.

3 hours later I was doing significantly worse. You can see me experience significant fog and confusion here and difficulty staying on topic and following my own thoughts and focus. I felt incredibly weak, was in pain from deep bone and muscle aches, and had difficulty even holding my phone and had to balance it in order to even take this video.

A significant period of time elapsed where I had a lot of trouble regulating my symptoms and also emotions alongside that. I have had pretty well controlled depression and anxiety and this was the worst dip I’ve felt in months in just a few hours. I felt very deeply depressed and anxious, and tried to nap a bit. It was very fitful. You can hear that talking is starting to make me cough more often as well.

This last video is my end of the day update around 11pm. It feels right to end each of these with some good old ranting. Here I talk about what happened when the health department called and some of my feelings on this and the systemic issues.

I wish I was well enough to have better words in this video but I’d rather it be seen in its raw authentic state while I suffer through this. I am not a scientist. I do not have the scientific answers. But I have found so many things so frustrating about how this happened. Yes, you can find some information on the symptoms I am having, but this is not the primary information being put out there. But most importantly we are asking the non-wealthy, primarily non-white (because look at how this is affecting indigenous and black communities), to solve this problem through social distancing and quarantining with VERY LITTLE VIABLE infrastructure to support it. My middle class, white, privileged family has been nearly economically devastated (and that’s on capitalism) and now our very health and survivability is being threatened. I am angry for me, but I am more angry because this is hitting people who have been born without those same privileges WORSE.

More tomorrow.

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