About the Writer

I am educated but not wise. I am working on knowing myself better; on exploring my inner self and the outer world. keep trying to get away from writing and to insist on something else. In a way, it's certainly a narcissistic part of me that needs this space. I am making it public because I don't have a regular group of peers reading my work. I am a parent, and a spouse and those things will come up on occasion, but this is not a space focused on those aspects. Everything here is a reflection of my own experiences.

The Basic Facts:
I have completed formal education as a social worker and as a pastor. I do the former as my day job, and am not yet ordained in the latter. I am called to both.
I preach on occasion as pulpit supply, which is why you will find the occasional sermon here.
I am a cisgendered white woman.
I live in the same mid-east city I grew up in.
I am a parent of a young child

I am married.
I don't know everything, and the things I say here could be wrong or misinformed. I don't mind being challenged, and I will do my best to listen and make corrections.